Bilingual books

Bilingual picture books help fluent readers of one language learn another easily.



1. Five Chinese Brothers [English-Kannada  English-Tamil  English-Hindi]

A story of how five brothers exploited the gift of nature — their look-alikeness — to save one of them who was sentenced to death unjustly.

2. Mahagiri [English-Kannada

This is a heartwarming story of a compassionate elephant.

3. The Girl Who Hated Books [English-Kannada

A story of a girl who hated books; she discovers the pleasure of reading and begins to love them.

4. Bobak Goat [English-Kannada

A story of a goat — Bobak, who decided, one day, not to follow his leader. Bobak then started to think for himself. This gave him much happiness. 

5. The Little Rabbit [English-Kannada  English-Hindi

A story of a rabbit, called the littlest rabbit, which traces the anxieties and difficulties of being small.

6. I Was Walking Down The Road [English-Kannada

A book for young children. Repeated usage of sentences with the same structure makes it a good resource for language teaching. 

7. The Giving Tree [English-Kannada

A simple story about the love a tree has for a boy.

8. The Story About Ping [English-Tamil]

The adventure of a beautiful duck called Ping. 

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