Nature stories for children

Children are more outside people than us, adults.This notion, very true some decades ago, is being challenged nowadays by technology gadgets and constrained outdoor space.

Perhaps stories can induce children to spend more time outside. Perhaps stories can encourage children to systematically observe and document their observations. Perhaps stories can trigger children to create their own stories. Or perhaps stories can make children simply smile or become thoughtful. Hoping that stories can do more, we offer here a collection of nature stories in the form of videos, books and field notes.

Stories for young readers

Birds of Different Feathers [Translations: Kannada  Telugu  Tamil]

Mystery of the Four Eggs [Translations: Kannada  Telugu  Tamil]

The Long and Short of It [Translations: Kannada Telugu  Tamil]

Owners and Appropriators [Translations: Telugu  Tamil]

Sworn to Secrecy [Translations: Telugu  Tamil]

Finding the Coppersmith [Translations: Kannada]

Just a Good Deed [Translations: Kannada]

And She Showed the Way [Translations: Hindi]

The Mud Connection

A Strange Request [Translations: Hindi]


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