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  • One of the ways in which children can broaden their horizons is by reading. Books introduce them to different worlds, contexts and situations. Teachers who realise this, create opportunities for their students to read and discuss a variety of books.

    Books, other than textbook, are also essential for embarking on Reading Programmes. Books that can hold children’s attention, either by their rich illustrations or their captivating storyline are invaluable assets to teachers.

    Picture books are of two categories. The first is wordless books. Teachers can use these in story-telling sessions. While pointing to things and actions in the pictures, vocabulary and sentence patterns are learnt. Such books can help in getting children ready to read. The second category is that of picture or illustrated books. Pictures attract children and also provide a context for understanding what they are reading.

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Vidya Online aims at networking teachers and all others interested in education. Forums have been created to facilitate this. Each forum contains a collection of teaching-learning resources and mechanisms for

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